Jon Bershad is a writer and performer currently living in New York, a city where writers and performers tend to live.

Jon is currently the head writer for the show Pop Off, which streams weekly on the Airtime app. Previously, he was a staff writer for the comedy website Seriously.TV, the TV series The B.S. of A, the MTV pilot America's Least Wanted, and the TruTV pilot The Sexy Sex Sex Show. He's also written for The Onion, Above Average, Funny or Die, College Humor, Fusion, UCB Comedy, and McSweeney's. His original pilot script, History's Greatest Monster, was a Top 10 finalist in the Script Pipeline 2016 TV Writing Contest and a finalist in the 2016 Second City Original Sitcom Contest. His short film, Co-Workers, was the Special Jury Prize winner at the QuickieFest Film Festival. And his full-length musical, Zipperface!!?!: The Hobo Musical, had a sold out run at the New York International Fringe Festival.

In addition, Jon is a fixture of the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre where he spent five years as an improviser on Harold Night, another five years as a sketch writer on Maude Night, and occasionally teaches writing classes. He also performs stand up and writes and directs videos for his own YouTube channel. Videos there have been written up in The AV Club, Huffington Post, Jezebel, Daily Dot, and more.

In his previous non-comedy life, he worked as a Contributing Editor for the news site Mediaite. During his time there, he was called a "worst person in the world" by Keith Olbermann, a "punk" by Andrew Breitbart, and "one of my favorite bloggers" by some guy who isn't famous so who cares. Oh! Dan Savage once said he "gets it"! That was nice.

In summary, Jon's a swell guy who makes funny things.

Kaitlyn Flynn, ICM Partners


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